Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm happy to announce, that I was selected in the prestigious 'Birds in Art' exhibition of the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum (http://www.lywam.org/birdsinart/index.cfm?room=catalogues).
Every year 100 artists are selected in this exhibtion (this year from 1075 artworks). My friend, Jonathan Latimer is also within this 100.
My selected painting is the 'Peregrine on Saint Stephen's Cathedral in Budapest I.' that is featuring the front page of my website.

A new book, 'Birding in Eastern Europe' has just been published for this year's Birdfair by Wildsounds (www.wildsounds.com). It was written by my friend, Gerard Gorman, and illustrated by me (22 line drawings). We did some guiding on the Fair. It was selling quite well.

Book signing with Gerard, the author and Pieter and Duncan from Wildsounds.

This was the 2nd year for me being an exhibtior at the British Birdwatching Fair. My friend, Jonathan Latimer (www.jonathanlatimer.com) shares his stand with me. See it here:

Every year a huge Mural is painted by the exhibiting artists. This year's subject was the Southern Pacific. I chose the Tuamotu Sandpiper to paint. This is a very rare, declining wader, very unique, a lone member of its family. It's found only on a few remote islands in the Tuamotu group.

I've been working from this sketch done previously at home:
Here are some new works, that are not yet included in my gallery.

1st winter Common Gull (watercolour on paper)

Bee-eaters (acrylic on canvasboard)

White-backed Woodpecker (watercolour on paper)

European Rhino Beetle study (watercolour on paper)

Little Crake female (acrylic on canvasboard) This piece was sent to this year's exhibition of the Society of Wildlife Artists, together with that Syrian Woodpecker at the bottom of my first post (judgeing at the end of September)

Black Woodpecker (acrylic on paper)

Egyptian Vulture over the Taj Mahal (watercolour on paper)

Ivory-billed Woodpecker sketch (acrylic on paper)

Peregrine on Saint Stephen's Cathedral (Budapest) II. (watercolour on paper)

Everwatching mother (Eurasian Eagle Owl)

This is my latest oil painting, in a quite new style (based on my Pelican sketches and photographs taken this May in Dobrogea, Romania). I've painted in a totally realistic style before, but with this piece I wanted to taste something new. I didn't have a fixed idea, I let the painting build up itself. Comments are highly welcome, as I really don't know if it's worth trying to create pics like this (although I already have a commission of an Indian Courser in this style).
I attach the stages of the painting.

This May I took part in an artcamp close to my home. It was a great opportunity to practice oils under the control of other artists. I simply fell in love with this medium and now I use this for painting bigger paintings (I used acrylics before). Here's my very first oil paintng, a Kentish Plover based on my fieldsketch done in Dobrogea, Romania.

After some practiceing pieces I've completed some paintings, also one comission. Here are some of these works, a Ural Owl in Beech forest, a female Little Bittern (I was practiceing creating different greens with this piece), a Paddyfield Warbler and a Syrian Woodpecker (this latter being a bigger one, 70 X 50 cm).