Thursday, September 28, 2006

The August issue of Birding World magazine has my oil painting of a female Little Bittern on the front cover:

This is only a detail of the whole painting, and is flipped. This is the original in frame (already sold):

The picture's habitat is in my home district in Budapest, a little wick by the smaller branch of the Danube River. With this painting and as it was published internationally I would like to pay tribute to this small wetland. A memory of it's state from my childhood, because it was destroyed some years ago.
Here's how I liked it (in June 2003):

See also my acrylic painting in the Gallery of my website.

And after the 'habitat restoration' in April 2005:

A picture from July 2005. Some thin reedbed can be seen on the opposite bank (compare with the pics above). Nothing on the closer side (there was a small peninsule here with thick reedbed, where most of the birds bred).

In addition they built an ugly wooden bridge over the entrance:

There are construction works there again, they cleared the surrounding shrubbery where several pairs of Nightingale bred.
I would like to send my personal thanks to all who are resposible for this habitat destruction. Probably they want to create some 'nice' parkland with a 'charming' little pond...


Blogger Harry said...

That's a shame alright, seems the same sort of thing as all too often happens here in Ireland also.

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