Saturday, September 09, 2006

I've started to paint a new oil painting. It will show a Wallcreeper on the wall of a quarry in Hungary with some icicles. I did some sketching the end of February and we could observe this bird in a regular wintering site. There was this icicle on the cliff that caught my imagination. I did a quick sketch and several photographs.
First I did some rough pencil sketches to build up the composition. When I was happy with it I've looked for the good posture for the bird amoung my references. In the field we had only quite quick glimpses so there was no way to obtain some sketches. I try to avoid painting Wallcreepers with open wings as it's only a quick motion, but probably will choose such posture for this painting (the bird will be quite small on the picture so I want the red patch on the wing to draw the attention to it).

This will be a big painting, 60X50 cm. I quickly drew the shapes of the icicle, the shadows and the rocks with rough sienna. The shadows will be quite warm coloured so it's good if this sienna colour will shine through.

This is my field sketch of the icicle:

And these are my friends in the quarry when we saw the Wallcreeper:


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