Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Here are some illustrations from the previous weeks's work. I did them for a French publisher, Delachaux et Niestlé for a booklet on birds.

Golden Eagle, watercolour on paper (the original is 120 EUR)

Red Kite, acrilic on paper (sold)

Ptarmigan, acrilic on paper (the original is 75 EUR)

Common Teal, acrilic on paper (the original is 75 EUR)

Cormorant, acrilic on paper (the original is 60 EUR)

Manx Shearwater, acrilic on paper (the original is 60 EUR)

Red-legged Partridge and Pied Wagtail, acrilic on paper (the original is 75 EUR)

Cranes, pen on paper (the original is 50 EUR)

Stock Dove, pen on paper (the original is 50 EUR)

Griffon Vultures in thermite, pen on paper (the original is 50 EUR)

Gannet, pen on paper (the original is 50 EUR)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

We've visited the fishponds again, where my brother found another Buff-breasted Sandpiper! We've seen both birds, but sadly they rarely came close enough, so I could make only a few sketches.

The next drawings were done from my short videos, freezing the frame on my computer (except for the big shape, that was done in the field). You can see how fast moving these little birds were on this video: (big file, 9 MB).

Here's a photo of the new bird:

1st winter Dunlins in different stages of moult (with a Golden Plover on top):

Monday, October 16, 2006

I've found Hungary's 7th Buff-breasted Sandpiper with my friend on Sunday. It was on that fishpond system where we regularly go for sketching. Sadly I didn't have my sketchbook, pencils, watercolours with me, so my friend gave me his notebook and pen to make some line drawings for reference:

Please check my other field sketches on my webpage for some earlier Buff-breasted Sandpiper works from 2002 (in fact on the same fishpond system!).
Here are some photo of the bird:

My brother saw it today, so I'll go back tomorrow to make some proper sketches. Come back to see them!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Sociable Lapwing was found on Tuesday not too far from my home. We went there to try to see it with my fiends. When the first big Lapwing flock arrived, we immediately noticed this bird leading the flock.
Sadly it stayed quite far from us, and the heathaze was strong, so I could sketch only one page. I tried to gain an overall impression of the bird, instead of concentrating on details.

Here's the bird with Lapwings:

It was very striking in flight, with more white on the wings:

I've painted this in 2001. It shows an adult Sociable Lapwing with Lapwings. Now, with field experience, I think that this bird is a bit smaller compared to the Lapwings. Another reason why fieldwork is so important.

A part of the Lapwing flock flew to the other part of the lake, where I could not see them and the Sociable Lapwing went with them.
I had to find something else to sketch. Luckily some Curlews were in view, so I could deal with them:

There were 2 individuals in the flock of 50 birds, that were quite different. They showed great contrast between the worn, pale tertials, wing coverts and the fresh darker scapulars. I think these are birds moulting from 1st summer to 2nd winter (but I'm not experienced in the moult of Curlews).

I was left alone for the 2nd part of the day, because another rarity was found on the other part of the country, a Lesser Yellowlegs.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Two of my older paintings that were not available are for sale now.
This Barn Owl is painted in acrylic on paper. It's from 2000. The price is 1100 EUR (+package and posting). It was published on the front cover of an Indian ornothological magazine (check out under the publised works on my website).

The 2nd is from 2003, it's a Golden Eagle on a goat carcass. It's also acrylic on paper. The price is 1500 EUR 8+package and posting).

Saturday, October 07, 2006

My newest painting, finished today. It's a Tawny Owl in it's daytime roost.
This is based on my quick sketch and photographs taken in a November day some years ago in Tata town. It was painted in watercolours, using only 2 colours, ultramarine blue and burnt umber. I've created all the colours with variously proportioned mixture of these. I have to admit that there's kadmium yellow also added. To the bill of the bird to achieve the dirty colour characteristic of the species (it's for an ID article, otherwise I wouldn't bother about this little detail, and would leave this colour out).
It will be published in BirdLife Hungary's magazine.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The gallery of my webpage is updated! Now you can see 47 pics altogether. A big thank to my webmaster, Selmeczi Kovács Ádám!
And from today I have an advertiseing banner on the Hungarian birding pages:

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I've spent yesterday and this morning with sketching Shorebirds. Yesterday on a fishpond system, today by the Danube, close to my home. Here are the results.

A juvenile Dunlin moulting into first winter plumage:

A juvenile male Ruff:

More Ruffs in sunset:

Spotted Redshank:

Greenshanks and Bar-tailed Godwit (a scarce visitor here):

With my friends at the bank of a drained fishpond (quite warm for an October day):

The Oystercatcher is quite rare visitor in Hungary. There's a big reef on the Danube close to my home. There's a young bird with broken leg here at the moment. I went there to study it and take some photos and do sketches. I've seen also 2 Ringed Plovers.