Saturday, November 04, 2006

I've spent 4 days in southern Montenegro, at a saltpan system (Ulcinjska solana) with my friend and his wife. This is an important wintering site of several Shorebird species.

The ponds closer to the entrance were quite empty, with some Dalmatian Pelicans and a small group of Flamingos.

Luckily the ponds at the southeast end of the system were full of birds.

The area was once a breeding ground of the Dalmatian Pelicans. Nowdays they are regular visitors:

Dunlin flock with Redshanks:

Dunlin cloud:

One of my hides built up from dry vegetation:

Another sketching point on the same lake:

Winter plumaged Knots:

Redshank sketches:

Green- and Redshanks:

1st winter Greenshank:

Various Shorebirds:

Golden Plovers:

Redshank, Golden and Grey Plovers:

Adult winter Grey Plover:

Juv/1st winter Grey Plover:

Immature Dalmatian Pelican with a flock of Spotted Redshanks and some Egrets:

Unfinished sketch of Pelicans and Egrets (interrupted by an arriveing Shorebird flock landing close to me):

Numbers of some species observed on the saltpans:

Dunlin ~6500
Redshank ~800
Kentish Plover ~150
Grey Plover ~70
Knot 84
Green Sandpiper ~70
Dalmatian Pelican ~30
Pygmy Cormorant ~70
Black-headed Gull ~3000
Kingfisher ~70
Flamingo 1 ad. + 3 imm.

I would like to thank to local birdwatcher, Darko Saveljic for his help by email. Local people were very kind and helpful, especially at the entrance of the saltpans.
Hopefully my friend will put up some excellent photos taken on the saltpans to his webpage:


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