Monday, November 20, 2006

Scanning through my illustrations I realized that I have quite a few paintings and drawings of the Eastern Imperial Eagle dispersed over the years. With this selection I would like to show how my drawing and painting skills developed (hopefully there's some improvement).

This plate painted in watercolours in 1999 shows the difference between Spanish and Eastern Imperial Eagles. This was my first ever entry to the Birdwatch Artist of the Year competition. This was amoung the 12 artworks featuring the competition's calendar. The original is lost.

This adult is from 2000, and was painted in acrilics (as all the following colour works) for my first poster of protected birds of Hungary.

2002, an illustration for BirdLife Hungary for some information sign.

Detail of a plate painted for BirdLife Hungary in the series of the birds of prey of Hungary. The lower half of the plate shows the Golden Eagle for comparison (2003).

Pen drawing from 2004. It's an illustration for the Raptors Worldwide publication.

It's still 2004, a detail of a bigger painting done for BirdLife Hungary. It was published on posters and cards.

And 2 at the end from 2005. This pen drawing was published in 'Birding in Eastern Europe' guidebook.

And this plate is for BirdLife Romania, it's in the series of protected birds of prey in the Danube-Delta. I'm still quite pleased with this piece.

Sadly there's nothing from 2006. It would be good to finish the series with some bigger oil painting or field sketches (hopefully next year).


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