Monday, November 27, 2006

There was a birdwatchers's meeting this weekend in Tata town. I went there with my friends. On Friday we gave a chance for a Wallcreeper wintering in a nearby quarry (where we tried this February, see the Birds Illustrated article: We were not so lucky as the birds appeared only in the afternoon for a short period. It was enough for taking some photos, but no sketches:

Later a female Grey-headed Woodpecker arrived and started to feed on the cliff face:

I had a stand with my friend on Saturday:

This year's event was unexpectedly popular with an estimated 3500 visitors. This is an increadible number on such an event in Hungary!

On Sunday monring we visited the nearby catholic church, and sketched a cooperative Peregrine:

A photo of this bird:

The afternoon was again wasted at the Wallcreeper quarry. We climbed up to the upper levels, where we had some quick glimpses of the bird, but again there was no sketching opportunity.


Blogger Harry said...

I'd make do with views of Wallcreeper that were too brief for pics, never mind sketches...was unlucky with the species in Les Baux last year, and keen to try again there (or somewhere else) at some stage.

7:32 PM  

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