Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I've spent 2 days sketching with my friend in Kiskunság National Park. Our main target were Geese, but they were quite dispersed over the agricultural lands, so we had not much chance to get close views.
Here's a Greylag:

And a grazing flock in very dull light:

Sunday was quite cloudy with some rain, but Monday was beautiful with sunshine all day. There was a cooperative Sparrowhawk posing for nearly an hour for us on this branch:

A photo of the same bird (on my sketch the ehad is quite big, because I started to draw her in haste, not daring to hope to have such prolonged views).

Late afternoon we found thousands of Geese arriving to an alkaline lake from north (I've spotted a Red-breasted Goose within the incoming flock).

There was not much time till sunset, so I could make only a few sketches of White-fronts:

It's me sketching from the top of a hunters' hide (that was used by a Peregrine before me):

The sunset over that alkaline lake:


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