Sunday, April 15, 2007

I found a really tame Stonechat male at the river close to my home. I spent some hours in the last days sketching it. Here are the result:

This is the site. The bird regularly used the small tree on the right side of the photo for lookout perch enabling me to make some detailed drawings.

I've checked my older illustration of this species (done 3 years ago), and found several errors (no hook on the bill, small head and eye). This is the proof, that I can't underestimate the importance of fieldwork.


Blogger Dougalis said...

they are great!
Since I've seen the Chiffchaff,
I'm immpressed from your ability to capture the character from songbirds
so well!
I know very well how difficult is
to sketch these small always moving


3:07 PM  
Blogger Harry said...

Hi Szabi,
I'd love to be able to even draw a Stonechat as well as your 'poor' effort, mistakes and all! My own efforts with most species work out as a kind of 'guess the genus' quiz...

7:27 PM  

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