Sunday, April 29, 2007

Our friend, Stefan Boensch had his fist exhibition in a beautiful village not far from Budapest. So we decided with Márton Zsoldos to look for some sketching opportunities in the area. Because of the lack of local knowledge we spent a lot of time with exploreing so I can show you only a few pencil drawings.
Golden Oriole (the first for me this year):

Singing Corn Bunting:

Corn Bunting and Barred Warbler:

Singing Barred Warbler (we found an excllent place with several males):

A photo of one of them:

And the opening of the exhibition:

Stefan talking about his work:


Blogger Karin said...

Can you email me any contact info for Stefan Boensch? Thanks!

6:29 PM  
Blogger lá...lá de fora... said...

Hi, i was very impressed by your work! I checked your web page and its magnificent... I'm from Amazonas- Brasil and i love birds but i never saw draws,pictures... Art like yours! Wonderfull...
How can i check the work of your friend, Stefan Boensch? And i saw also that you have another web page about turismus in some regions almoste to invesyigate and to draw , take a pic of different birds!?

1:25 AM  

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