Monday, May 28, 2007

I've spent a windy, but memorable day in Kiskunság (central Hungary) yesterday. My main target was to sketch Bustards. I was in the field at 5.30, but it took a few hours to find the best place. I've found some 30 male Great Bustards from that tower-hide I've been sketching 1 month ago from ( They were quite close, cca 300 meters, sheltering from the wind and sun at a row of Robinia Trees. Here I enclose my sketches.

I'm planning to paint a bigger oil painting of this scene, with this well, so I did some reference sketches for it:

The upper left pencil drawing will be an important reference for that oil painting I've already started ( This additional reference was quite necessary to paint the light on the bird correctly:

The left bird is in a typical posture they adopted quite often. I think they were cooling themselves. On the lower right corner there's an additional sketch of the well.

It was quite unusual sight to see a Great Bustard with the shadow of foliage on it. I would never think of painting this bird in such light before.

As it is quite uncomfortable to work in strong wind (the scope is shaking, the papers flying), I tried to find some shelter in the hide. I had to look through the gaps of the slats:

Here's what I've seen:

A bit closer, with 2 Bustards:

Part of the flock, as seen though my scope:

A big male Bustard standing against the wind:

It's interesting to mention, that a pair of Common Buzzards were building their nest on one of the Robinia Trees, over the Bustards's head.
This sunset closed this fantastic day:


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