Sunday, September 23, 2007

My friend, and wildlife artist colleague, Márton got married yesterday. I wanted to give the couple something more personal so I decided to try to paint him in the field. Here they are with the present:

We've been to the Hortobágy at the beginning of September sketching Dotterels. I took several photos of him through my telescope, and used them as a reference in the work. Here's the compositional sketch, and a drawing of his face:

The main lines drawn with brush:

The colours were roughly blocked in, and the birds were made a bit bigger:

The figure is nearly finished:

The complete painting (it's in oils on canvasboard, 50x40 cm):

After a while it became suspicious that I was not dealing with the birds, but luckily the painting remained a surprise:

This is my first serious attempt in human illustration. I did only a few drawings before, here I show 2 portraits of my elder son:

I want to deal with this field more seriously in the future, but it's clear that I have to practice a lot before taking commissions.


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