Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I've been to the British Birdwatching Fair this weekend. This was the forth time when my friend Jonathan Latimer (http://www.jonathanlatimer.com/) shared his stand with me.

Here's our stand:
And my side:
This year a Mural was painted again, depicting the endangered birds of the American continents:
Artists working on the Mural (Mark Andrews and Clive Byers in front):
I've painted an Ivory-billed Woodpecker and an Eskimo Curlew (both are probably extinct):

I was busy working on this Curlew, when I noticed that some visitors are standing behind me, talking about the Mural , and what I'm painting at the moment. When I looked up, to my great surprise it was Sir David Attenborough watching me working! I was introduced to him. I think this was a really exciting moment during this weekend for me.
This abstract tulip is also my work. I've taught Jonathan some basics of oilpainting. His wife Anna would like to have a big oil painting of the detail of the tulips on their wallpaper, so we chose this for this practiceing piece. This is quite different from anything I've painted before:


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