Saturday, September 06, 2008

I've painted a Tiger painting for a charity in the UK, Tiger Awareness ( This will go to an exhibition in October, where they are trying to sell it and use the money for their projects.
Here I show you my work step by step.

The founder of the cahrity, Phil Davis emailed me his photograph of B2, the alpha male of Bandavgarh National Park. I changed the photo a little bit to have a more attractive composition. Here's my basic sketch:

If one paints an individual Tiger it's very important to have all the stripes exactly positioned, so I decided to draw the shape with the help of a network (othervise it would take ages to draw everything correctly):

Here's the first layer:

First I completed the background. I tried not to paint every single piece of grass, but to make it a little bit more loose:

And the final painting. The photograph had a very beautiful and unique atmosphere, I think because of the early morning light, just minutes before sunrise. I tried to capture this also on my painting. This is oil on canvasboard (50x70 cms):

A detail, the head of B2:


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