Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wakeup call at 5.30, back to my Stonachat base. It was very cold, I saw dew on the grass!! The birds must have chick already by now, as they were bringing food for them, and the female was also quite active, nothing like an invisible brooding bird.
Probably you're bored now with all the same lighting, but I simply cannot resist painting it (note: it was quite windy, food in the beak, spider web stuck on the twig):

Here's the place, the bird is encircled on the photo:

During sketching I can see Great Crested Grebes on the river (today they were dancing), Common Terns bypassing, Coots chasing each other, Cuckoos coming and going, a Kestrel hunting on the opposite side, Blackcaps, Nightingales, Whitethroats singing in the bushes behind me. You would never think that I'm in fact in the capital!


Blogger Francisco J. Hernández said...

I can understand to you perfectly. There is something in the wildlife wich is irresistible to capture in paper. Thank you for to show it.
Kind regards.

2:44 AM  
Blogger Dougalis said...

This is a really amazing achievement Szabi, having sketched the same bird
within three separate days, under almost the same lighting conditions!
All of them are great!


11:02 AM  

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