Monday, May 11, 2009

After a long break, I woke up very early, and went back to the Stonechat site by the river. I was shocked to see that the grass was cut next to the nesting site. The nest is on the right side of the photo, just some 5 meters from the edge of the cutting.

I haven't seen or heard the birds for a while, and started to be worrying that they have left their chicks. Then I noticed that they are some 30 meters from this site, but not coming to the nest. I've started to scan carefully the grass where I suspected it to be, and found this:

The nest was clean and empty so the chicks have fledged successfully! They must be hiding somewhere under the bushes.

The Blackberry bush the parents used for perching is blooming now, so i made this sketch as a reference if I paint the Stonachat:


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