Friday, March 26, 2010

This is the period of my favourite bird's, the Firecrest's migration. I've found one bird near my home on Wednesday, then 2 yesterday. I made this sketch of the female:

It was really difficult as she was moving constantly, so couldn't get a clear view of the smaller details. I made some amendments at home checking photos (eg. making the eye bigger).


Blogger Ken Januski said...

I know the problem Szabi. I've tried to portray their relative, the Ruby-crowned Kinglet, for years. Even when they appear in our backyard some winters they flit about so quickly that you just can't get a good sense of them. I've done about 15-20 sketches and watercolors of them from life and haven't been happy with a single one!

Good job on yours! Migration seems to have started all over in Europe as well as the US. I'm sure elsewhere as well but these are the only areas I'm somewhat familiar with.

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