Thursday, April 09, 2015

All my previous Leopards were quite distant, so after the evening sighting I thought they should have been closer. Immediately blamed myself for being too greedy. Next morning they woke me up at 7.30. The Leopards are still here! I quickly put some clothes on, and jumped out from my tent. All scopes were in the middle of the camp, and pointed to the 3 Leopards resting on the hillside above the camp, some 6-800 meters away! They've spent the whole day there, resting, sleeping. We had 14 hours sighting! Had breakfast, lunch, tea with them in view! It was an increadible experience. Here's a video of them:
This picture was waiting for me looking into the first scope leaving my tent. Mommy on the right.

The 2nd cub pops up its head. Cluds were coming and going, putting the Leopards in amazing light.

All lenses pointing at the 3 Leopards. The 2nd man from the left found them the previous evening. There's a Mexican couple in the background, so the team was quite international. 

Enjoying the warm morning sun.

They became active long after the sun set. There was not much light to take photos.

They slowly climbed up the hillside, mommy was leading them.

Big dream came true: sketching wild Snow leopards! 


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