Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Arriving back to camp around 4, we had some rest and tea. After a while we decided with Smanla to climb up to the viewpont over our camp. The others stayed. It was a 300 steps climb, but due to the thin air it completely exhausted me. I sat down to a rock. Only 1-2 minutes passed when I heard the long-expected words: 'Snow Leopard!' The guide of an Indian TV crew staying in the camp, found Snow Leopard from the bottom of the valley! Coincidentally this was the first case we didn't bring walky talky with us, so couldn't get proper directions to the exact location. We could only frantically wave to my friends down in the camp, but these signs couldn't be misunderstood. I ran down the hillside, and looked into the scopes pointing to the hilltop. First I saw only rocks. Then the Leopard turned its head towards me!
This is what I saw in the scope. I've noticed the right Leopard only on my photo:

The first Leopard I saw shows only its ear now. Our spotters can find them by this:

It turned out soon, that there are 3 Leopards in front of us. The local female with her full-grown, 3 years old cubs. They noticed the activity down in thevalley, and started watching us. They were some 1,5-2 kms away. 

 We could watch the 3 Leopards for 2 hours. During this the 2 cubs were chasing and playing with each other a lot. They enjoyed rolling in the snow. While walking slowly along the ridge, the mother sprayed several rocks with her scent. Here's a shaky video of the 2 cubs playing in the snow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmVMGr5ERb8

We had some Hungarian brandy to celebrate the success.

And the usual Snow Leopard cake! 


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