Sunday, May 17, 2015

We came down from Tso Kar one day earlierfearing that the snowing can get us stuck up there. For this extra day we decided to visit Ulley village, which is found 80 kms from Leh.

There was fresh snow around Leh too. We were a bit worrying as flights can be easily cancelled due to the poor visibility amoung the mountains.

Where Zanskar River joins the Indus.

Snowy landscape close to Ulley.

Ladakhi Urial

Asiatic Ibex. Our main target around Ulley.

 Asiatic Ibex horns on a house in Ulley.

I've missed Wolf twice at Tso Kar. The first was seen from the car behind me, the 2nd walked a few hundred meters from the house I was sleeping in. They woke me up, but the wolf was gone by the time I got up. So I was extremely happy and relieved for this sighting on the last day from Ulley village. The animal was resting on the hillside opposite the village. I wouldn't miss a second from my first ever wolf, so I ate my lunch stading by my scope.

Liker Monastery.

Liker Monastery.

Local women were walking to the monastery. We helped as much of them as our car could carry.

Liker Monastery.

Praying hall.

The monk who showed us around the monastery.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

As we couldn't wish for better Snow Leopard sighting, we decided to return to Leh the next day. This way we could add an extra day to our trip to Tso-Kar lake, that lays at 4500 meters. It's 200 kms from the city, but it took 8 hours for us to reach it.

On the way, after long search we could see one Solitary Snipe.

On the way to Tso-Kar.

Rock slide on the road. It took 15 mins to clear it.

Frozen sulphur spring.

Such landscapes worsened my homesickness.

The pass at 4930 meters we had to cross. This is a photo on the way back. The sudden snowfall forced us back one day earlier. We feared to get stuck in there.

Birdwatching by the Tso-Kar lake.


Tibetan Wild Ass

Group of Tibetan Wild Asses

Tibetan Wolf. I missed this one, it was seen from the car behind us. It still hurts bad (photo by Lajos Németh Bóka).

Ladakhi Pika

Pashmina sheep. 

Bar-headed Geese and Ruddy Shelducks. 

Ruddy Shelducks

Tibetan Sandgouses with Yak. 

Tibetan Sandgouses. 

Tibetan Sandgouses.


Blanford's Snowfinch.

Brandt's Mountain Finch.

Great Rosefinch male

Great Rosefinch female

Tibetan Snowfinch

Horned Lark

Tibetan Partridge

Photographing Tibetan Partridges.

Tibetan Partridge on the solar panels of the local nomad camp.

Nomad child.

Katalin from our group with a nomad woman.